Soccer Combines in 2022


Go Soccer Pro is collecting information regarding upcoming soccer combines for 2022.  Click here to go to the page.  We will be adding additional information as we learn of more companies who offer this service. 

We have had a few companies reach out to us requesting we promote their events.  Over the next few weeks, we will be vetting these companies and exploring which ones offer the best opportunities for players – both in terms of value for cost as well as where they may be able to place attendees.

One company we are finding especially interesting is Fieldoo.  They have  a platform on which players can share information about themselves in the hopes of being connected with agents and scouts.  They are based in Slovenia and they also operate combines.  Because they are IN Europe, they have intimate connections with dozens of clubs throughout Europe.

What are soccer combines?

These events usually last two to three days and provide an opportunity for players to showcase their skills in front of coaches, while allowing coaches and scouts a chance to view potential players.  

My son attended one last summer.  We were surprised that there were players from all over the world in attendance.  A few of them were already with semi-pro clubs, but were hoping to impress and get signed by larger organizations. 

There are a few companies in the US that work with European and other foreign clubs.  Most of these seem to follow a similar model.  Players who sign up train and play games over a two to three day period in front of staff, coaches and scouts.  In some instances, especially since COVID, the combine staff members have been granted the authority to make selections on behalf of foreign teams.

Several of these soccer combines select the top players from their event and invite them to a “showcase” event abroad.  Most of these are structured in similar ways.  The selected players travel and stay in select European venues.  They train with local clubs and have opportunities to play with professional and semi-professional teams.  If they impress, they may be offered a position on a squad.

What do you take to a soccer combine in 2022?

The organization you are working with should send you an email with instructions for the event.  You will be given a location and time to show up.  You will most likely be told what color shirt and shorts they want you to wear.   

You may be given a penny to wear over your clothes or a piece of paper with a number to attach to your shorts.  Either way, you will most likely be identified by number.  For soccer combines in 2022, you will most likely be asked to have a mask to wear when not actively playing.

Structure of soccer combine

These vary by company.  Some companies ask for a CV, full game video or a highlight reel prior to the event.  They may group you according to your ability as represented by what you submit to them.  They will divide you into groups based on your perceived skills.

The combine my son attended was for three days in the summer of 2021.  The players were separated into six groups who played in three games.  (One game each day)  Each session seemed to start with a warmup, and some drills followed by a game.   

Most of the boys only played half of each game.  The second and third teams appeared to be under evaluation at the same time.

Because of COVID, the promised scouts from European clubs did not appear.  We were told that the staff had the authority to select players on their behalf. 

I would expect soccer combines in 2022 to run in much the same way.
Each night before the event, my son was sent an email with a list of the players who would be on his team.  Depending on how the players performed, there was opportunity for them to move up or down between groups.

A couple weeks after the event, my son received his evaluation.  He was invited to participate in a “showcase” event that was to be held in Europe a few months later.  Players who opted to attend were required to pay for their travel as well as a participation fee for the event itself.  The fee would cover room, board and training.  We were told the boys would play in games where they would considered for European squads.

Each of the games at the event had been videotaped, and we were offered an opportunity to purchase the video.  This was appreciated, as we were able to draw from these clips for a highlight reel.