Are You a Parent Thinking About Sending Your Soccer Player to Europe?  We Can Help.


You may have a son or daughter that want to study and play in Europe with a goal of playing professionally.
We have spent the last five years exploring opportunities for training abroad and how to best position our son to pursue his dream of becoming a professional soccer player. 

We know the odds of becoming a professional soccer player are small, but the experiences, education, and life experience is immeasurable.  This pursuit of a dream needs to happen while these boys and girls are young enough to have a chance.  

We are sharing what we have learned and continue to learn through hundreds of hours of research, interviews, conversations, and travel between America and Europe.

Go Soccer Pro's mission is to save you time by providing information you can trust to help make the best decisions for your family.


We have been soccer parents for over 14 yrs.  Let our experience and research save you time in addressing many of the questions you probably have regarding your own soccer player.  


Find trusted information from parents whose son showed a love and talent for soccer from the age of five.  Parents who understand your desire to support your child's dream of playing pro soccer.


The cumulative training and experience
our son received in the UK, Italy, and Spain allowed him to play semi-pro soccer in Spain and has him positioned  to sign his first professional contract.

Teesta Sisodia Sullivan,
Parent and Founder of Go Soccer Pro

How can we send our son to Europe to train and hopefully become a professional soccer player?

That question was the beginning for Go Soccer Pro. 
It continues to drive us everyday to learn and share more with families with soccer players looking to play abroad or to play pro.

My husband and I started exploring options for our son 5-years ago when he was 14.  At that age his only focus was to improve his game enough so he could play professional soccer.

We expected him to attend college.  For him to play professionally, he needed to train and compete against the best players in the world, not wait until he was 22-years-old and graduated college. 

The biggest question or concern during our decision-making process:  Would he be safe at the academy in the country and with the people in charge?  

We knew our son had the drive and commitment to pursue his dream to play pro soccer, but he had never been away from home.   We were concerned he would become homesick.  Much to our surprise, he quickly acclimated and loved the experience. 

If you are experiencing sleepless nights, worrying about sending your player so far away, we totally understand.  Sending your child to pursue their dream is harder on the parents than many of these young athletes will understand until they have kids of their own!

It is our hope you find the answers at Go Soccer Pro that you need to make the best decisions for your family.  

Michael and Teesta Sullivan point of view photo.

 Michael and Teesta (Tees-ta) Sullivan 


  • Teesta is the proud mother of two sons and a daughter. They played soccer,  baseball, football, field hockey, basketball and krav maga martial arts.  One is still pursuing his soccer dream.
  • Moved to the United States from Rajasthan, India with her parents & sister when she was 4, and grew up in Homestead, Florida.
  • Attended college at the University of Miami (B.A.), Graduate school at the University of North Florida (M.S.H.), and law school at Stetson (J.D.)  She loves reading, as well as travel, and having all her family together at home during holidays and summer break.
  • Married to Michael Sullivan, a former front office executive with the Miami Dolphins Football Team and Building Company President with Arthur Rutenberg Homes. 
  • In 2006, the family moved from Florida to North Carolina where Michael was recruited to be President of a custom homebuilding company in Southeast NC, before moving to Raleigh, NC and investing in business startups, like Go Soccer Pro.

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