First Hand Experience on Youth Soccer Training Abroad and Pro Soccer Tryouts

Our search for the best youth soccer academies abroad and pro soccer tryouts prompted this site.  We were looking for information for our son, and realized how many of you are seeking the same information.  We are now sharing it with you.

You can find soccer tryouts, combines, or ID camps offered by European clubs in America.  There are camps offered by clubs like Barcelona or sports companies like Nike. 

Many showcases provide opportunities to receive a talent evaluation, valuable training, or a highlight video to share with colleges or professional clubs in Europe or USL or MSL teams in America.

If you want to send your child to experience training and playing soccer abroad, we can suggest soccer tours to show the different levels of football played in Europe. We also have a page showing dozens of youth soccer programs in europe.  You will easily find which programs are for boys, girls or co-ed, ages, and contact information.

The prices can have a broad range based on length, accommodations, sightseeing events, or level of pro club.  The experience our family gained was worth the investment to know if our son understood what level he would need to achieve to continue pursuing his dream to play professional football.  More importantly, realizing how far away from home he would be on his own.

The road to playing professional football in Europe has many obstacles to navigate, ranging from obtaining passports, securing a visa, and understanding FIFA rules to know when they can play competitive games.

Once you find the best fit your son or daughter, there'll be questions regarding living conditions, quality of meals provided, training schedule, and games they'll play.  Your biggest question and concern, will your child be safe and properly supervised by the people running these programs.

The next step is how to get club trials and finding agents' contacts to help make connections with clubs. Having an agent isn't a requirement, but when you are in America trying to play in Europe, it definitely makes a difference.

There are European countries with hundreds of clubs as well as many smaller countries where the chance to be signed and play professional football is an option that is often overlooked.  It's worth checking out all European countries.

Whenever someone is given their chance to begin a career to paid to play soccer, rather than having parents pay to play, it's the culmination of many years of training, travel, sacrifice and payments to help your child reach their dream. 

Playing a soccer or football provides invaluable life lessons and doing whatever they love is what every parent wants for their children.  If they can make a living doing that, it's really a dream come true for your family.