CV Preparation and Translation
CV Preparation and Translation

CV Preparation and Translation



We offer the service of writing your CV or resume or getting it translated to the language of the country of the club.

Now, if you want us to take your CV/Resume information and review it for grammar or spelling, we have a service to help you with this task.  

A football player looking to catch the eyes of coaches, scouts or sporting directors need a professional CV. Any footballer who is serious about their game, and wants to go to the next level, must have a football CV. Without one, you miss out on attracting important individuals to watch you play.

A professionally created football CV will not only catch the eyes of the individuals you want to impress, but it will give them vital information that will tell them everything they need to know.

A professional CV is what sells you to coaches and scouts. Simply put, without one, the chances of landing a trial are slim. Although you may have the skills, you need a well-crafted CV to attract those important people to watch you play. A professional CV is for those players who are serious about football, so take your game to the next level.


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Start by selecting the 20, 30, or 45-minute plan that allows enough time to address your questions, then proceed to checkout to submit your order.


You will receive an email from us confirming your order and to schedule the best day and time
that works for you to talk. 


We will contact you on the scheduled date to answers your questions, reduce your concerns, and help you reach the best decision for your family.   

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to Get Trusted Answers

Schedule a phone or video call to get your questions answered  about what's involved to study and play soccer abroad.

Talk with parents to get insight when considering sending your son or daughter to play soccer in Europe.

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You Do Google Searches, Review Websites and They Look Good, but it Takes Time and Are They Really Good for You?

Give Us a Call and We Can Provide First-hand Experiences to Help You Make the Best Decision for Your Family.

Do you have questions or concerns about sending your son or daughter to pursue their dream to play soccer in Europe or to become a professional soccer player?

We understand your concerns and had many of the same questions when we sent our son to programs in England, Italy, and Spain.

The questions you don't know to ask can be addressed by someone that has lived what you are considering for your son or daughter.

Rates are based on call lengths of 20, 30, or 45 minutes.  We promise to over-deliver and provide you with the insights of playing abroad.

Here's a Few Examples of How We Can Help:

  • Learn what to expect with the visa process, FBI background check, and needed processing times.
  • What to expect with housing, meals, language, educational options, and everyday life abroad.
  • Are the training sessions, game opportunities, and options to get trials with pro clubs realistic or marketing hype? 
  • How to save on travel and incidental costs. 

This may be just a little too early to talk about
your son or daughter playing soccer in Europe! 


"Teesta is wonderful. My wife and I contacted her several times when we were considering sending our son abroad for soccer training. We were split between two locations and she helped with our decision. Even after we signed him up, she sent suggestions what to pack and travel ideas."

Armando H.

Spokane, WA

"Go Soccer Pro was very helpful to us when we were looking at an academy program for our son.  Teesta spent time answering our questions and made herself available by email and later on with a Zoom call.  It was a great decision for our family and she helped make it possible."

Kitty R.

San Diego, CA

"One of my teammates told me about the website. My grades weren't awesome, so college wasn't for me. She was very easy to talk to and had her son, Jared, call and answer questions that he could.  It was cool finding out about training methods that Jared found different than here in America. "

Cory B.

Asheville, NC

"It was great talking with Teesta in helping me feel better about sending my son to Europe.  Even he joined the program, she checked up on me to see how I was doing and on how he was liking his experience. I wholeheartedly recommend contacting Go Soccer Pro if you have questions."

Ann V.

Chicago, IL

"My wife and I spoke to Teesta regarding her experiences with traveling abroad for football training. She offered valuable advice from a parent's perspective. She pointed out how frustrating and time-consuming the visa process could take, which was helpful getting all paperwork completed in time."

Mike H.

Columbus, OH

"Teesta had given me a number to text her, but somehow she accidentally gave me her husbands number. I could tell he wasn't expecting the call, but he spent over 30-minutes answering questions and helping to make the decision to send our son to Spain much easier. Thank you for all your help."

Toni H.

Panama City, FL

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