Q & A with Andrea Safina, Football Agent

Andrea Safina is an agent with the Football Agents Academy located in Torino, Italy.  He is an intermediary for FIFA in the Rome area of Italy and speaks four languages.

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Andrea Safina is an agent with the Football Agents Academy

Andrea Safina, Football agent

Andrea Safina is a soccer agent with the Football Agents Academy, an Italian sports agency and training company based in Torino, Italy.

He is an intermediary for FIFA in the Rome area of Italy. 

Andrea speaks four (4) languages and has many contacts around the world.  He is open to working with clients from around the world. 

You can learn more about Andrea at his LinkedIn profile.  He can be contacted at

What made you decide to be a soccer agent?

I have loved soccer since I was a child.  I played soccer but cracked my knee cap about ten years ago so I cannot play.

Did you require specialized training in order to become a soccer agent?

In Italy, you don’t have to be an attorney to be an agent.  I am not an attorney.  I got my training with the same agency I work with.

Do you represent men, women or both?

I represent men and women both.  Women are the future of soccer.  I also work with coaches.  I can work for the players or work at an open market for a club as a consultant of the market.

Do you want your client to be totally focused on soccer?

Passion for the game is important.  Young players should work hard to play soccer if this is their dream but they should not only count on the game.  You don’t know if you will be injured or something will happen that will end your career.  

How would you describe the relationship you form with your clients?

I like a relationship to be built on confidence with the client.  Trust and honesty are the most important.

I look for players who have the will to grow.  They have passion for the game and are hungry for the victory.

If someone wants to sign you as an agent, what should they have prepared to give you?

They need to have a good video and cv is essential.  Now it is possible to send that all over the world immediately.  And free

What do you charge a client?

3% of fee

How do you find clients?

Search clients out online first.  Often they find me from the web.  I also find players from seeing matches.  I have been in touch with clients from all over the world.

What is the length of your contract?

2 years

Can a player get out of a contract?

Player might be able to cancel the contract but may have to pay a royalty.  The contract should have all conditions in it.