AC Milan Academy Coach Mauro Bertoni

Coach Mauro Bertoni is the Technical Director and the Coach of the International Academy at AC Milan.  He has been working in the US and brings his extensive knowledge and experience (both from playing and coaching) here to the US to improve the level of our players.

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AC Milan Academy Coach, Mauro Bertoni

Mauro Bertoni C Int. Academy at AC Milan 

Mauro played as an amateur for 7 yrs and professionally for 19 years. 

His coaching resume is just as impressive!  He has held a Professional UEFA A LICENSED SoccerFootball Coach since 2011.  Since then he has experience working in several countries including:  Italy, Australia, USA, Algeria, Croatia, Spain, Dubai, Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania!

Mauro’s shortened resume includes the following:

  • 2009 Rodengo Saiano Lega Pro 2 League (ITALY) 
  • 2011 Orsa Iseo Amateur League (ITALY)
  • 2012 Start working with NIKE SUMMER CAMP USA (Every summer) 
  • 2012-2013 Football Mundial Academy Sydney U 17 and U19 
  • 2013 US Cremonese Youth Pro League UNDER 16 (ITALY)
  • 2014 US Cremonese Youth Pro League UNDER 18 (ITALY)
  • 2015 US Ciserano Serie D (ITALY)
  • 2016 FC Amicale 1st Division and Oceania Champion’s League 
  • 2016 Youth Academy Director AC Lumezzane 
  • 2017 Head Coach AC Lumezzane Pro League

Do you personally identify players for your Academy or do you have scouts who do this for you?

I work with the International AC Milan Academy in 8 different countries, so in any country the club itself selects the players.

What qualities do you look for in a prospective player?

I have to consider all the skills.  AC Milan uses an integrated methodology and because of this all the players’ skills must be considered.

What do you consider more important in a player?  To be a good teammate or to be selfish?

Absolutely to be a good player, you must know how to be a part of the team.  You also need to know when it is the right time to be an egoist or not.

What type of personality do you like to see in your players?

I want players to be brave, but they need to remain relaxed even under pressure.

You have trained players in the US, as well as with AC Milan.  What are the biggest differences you find between US and Italian players?

For the past 7 years, I have worked in the USA with summer camps through  NIKE VOGELSINGER SOCCER ACADEMY.  I think the biggest difference between Italian and American players is their tactical knowledge.

Is there any opportunity for a player at one of your International soccer camps to be invited back to play with your main Academy in Italy?

No, it is not possible.  Only if a player at one of our academies around the world is good enough for the Main youth academy in Italy, I’m going to make an evaluation for AC Milan.  Following this, the club can decide if they wish to do an official trial in Italy.  This would be completely considering the FIFA rules and regulations.

AC Milan in the USA?

Do you think there will ever be an official Academy located in the US?

From July 1st of 2018, there will be starting the AC Milan Academy in Orlando, Florida.

What advice would you give the serious player who wants to play professionally?

Be positive and work hard every single day.  You cannot forget a single point about football… fitness, technique, tactic, psychology… and be part of a serious academy with a serious coach that is thinking about the growth and development of the players and not just to win the matches.

Football for us, it’s like the life… so serious.