Fieldoo ID Camps Being Offered in the United States

Fieldoo is a social networking site that allows its' players to showcase their talent to scouts and agents.  They offer free and paid memberships.  They also offer Fieldoo ID camps.  These are combine opportunities where players display their talent before scouts and coaches from European clubs.  This year, they are coming to the US.

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Fieldoo is a social networking site that allows its’ players to showcase their talent to scouts and agents.  They offer free and paid memberships. 

They also offer Fieldoo ID Camps.  These are combine opportunities where players display their talent before scouts and coaches from European clubs.  This year they are holding camps in the US. 

Fieldoo ID Camps

They are offering two Fieldoo ID Camps in New York this year.  Both will be held at Randalls Island, NY and are for both male and female players aged 15 – 23.  Several European clubs will be present to scout and seek for talented players directly at the event. UEFA licensed coaches from the clubs will be leading training sessions and the selection procedure.  

The clubs and Fieldoo staff will assess the players and offer a chance to sign with a PRO club or get an opportunity for either a trial or to join a Fieldoo team. The events are scheduled for August and September of this year.  You can learn more by clicking here.

Foreign players have better chances of joining smaller clubs than large ones.  Once with a club, if they demonstrate enough talent, they can be discovered and signed by the bigger teams.  Because Fieldoo works with more than 150 European teams, some of their staff will able to make selections on behalf of the teams who may choose not to travel here for this combine.  

Players will have two opportunities to demonstrate their abilities.  The first is by being directly scouted and selected by one of the PRO clubs and coaches or agents at the event.  The second is to be invited to join the Fieldoo team.

The Fieldoo team will be made up of the 18 best players at the combine.  They will be invited to travel to Europe for ten days during which they will participate in at least three full games against professional European clubs.  

Fieldoo will cover all the costs for the players in Europe. The players will be only  responsible for their travel to the event.

So many players dream of making it to top clubs in Spain, Italy and England.  What many don’t recognize is how difficult this is to accomplish if you aren’t a national of that country.   

Especially if you are a US player, who is a US citizen, your chance of being seen by a foreign coach is extremely low. Not to mention that you are competing against thousands of young players from Europe who are already in academies and top clubs.

One of the best paths to actually realize this dream would be to play for a club in a smaller neighboring country.  For example, Slovenia only has 2 million people, but it borders with Italy and Austria. Slovenian league is a great “springing board” for young players to get to Italy for example. 

Germany, on the other hand, has 84 million.  Italy has 60 million. Spain has 47 million – that’s a lot of people, and that means that’s a lot of youth players.  On the other hand, Luxembourg only has 570,000 people.  Cypruss has 876,000, Portugal has 10 million.  These countries may not boast huge populations, but they do boast strong football clubs.   

Their roster of coaches and scouts includes some from smaller countries.  There will also be some US teams and agents at the combine searching for new talent.

Fieldoo ID Camps is offering an opportunity to US players to try out for European teams.  As America continues to improve the level of their players, other European Academies and trial programs would be wise to follow suit.

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