Jared Joins FC Malaga City Academy

My son, Jared M Sullivan, joined FC Malaga City Academy and moved to Almunecar, Spain to train with their Academy.  We are happy to share our thoughts regarding his experience while with FCMC.

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FC Malaga City Academy Spanish Experience

This website and blog was originally started to journal my son, Jared Sullivan’s, experiences while training for soccer in Italy.  He attended the Academia Insegnario Calcio (AIC) two years ago, working with Coach Bruno Redolfi of the FIGC (Italian Soccer Federation).

Jared is holding a player off.

Bruno’s program worked in conjunction with a local boarding school, the Convitto Nazionale Principe di Napoli.  The student players lived at the school, while they trained with Bruno and local teams.

Last year, Jared stayed home in the states and I was kept too busy soaking every last minute of my three kids being at home to devote any real time to GoSoccerPro. 

Move forward to this year.  Jared was selected to join the U-19  program at FC Malaga City Academy in Malaga, Spain.  It is a younger program, but one with a huge networking system in place.  It is already attracting a lot of attention as it is making its’ mark by placing its players into colleges and professional teams.

FC Malaga City Academy distinguishes itself from many other programs geared towards foreign players through its well-established network of contacts. The players will have opportunities to play friendlies against teams throughout Spain, including many of the La Liga Academies.  (La Liga is the common name given to the men’s top division of professional football in Spain).   

 Life / Training at FC Malaga City Academy 

As Jared settles into the program, I will share his experiences. I will also share some information I have gathered on various other programs that are available, both in and out of the country for both short and long term soccer training.

As always, please let me know if you have specific questions.  I will be happy to answer them for you or if I do not readily know the answer, I will do my best to help you find it.