Laundry: The Not-So-Glamorous Side of School

Although they had laundry machines, there were no dryers.  Jared and his teammates had to learn to use a machine to wring their clothes dry after they washed them.  The boys would then hang their laundry from ropes attached to their windows so they could dry.

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We used a machine to wring our clothes then hung them to dry.

My window with my clothes hanging out to dry.

Hi, this is Jared Sullivan.  My Mom has been asking me to send some pictures of my day (It’s Saturday) and to share some thoughts about how I liked my first few weeks of Soccer school.  

Soccer School

Bruno, the Director of the soccer school is also our coach.  He works with me and the other two players about twice a week. When we first started, he was training us every day.  Now he has arranged with a local Men’s team for us to train with them.  

One of the practice fields in Assisi, Italy.This is one of the fields we trained on.  I was worried about how the Italian players would be to three new players joining them.  All of them are very welcoming and encouraging. 

We train hard.  Everyone here wants to play professionally.  We all support each other.  It is very different than what I am used to. 

For one thing, we have to do drills in perfect time with each other.  The coach keeps stressing that we need to have our timing in sync.  He wants everyone to be coordinated with each other and to be aware of where everyone else is at all times.  You need to be able to focus on more than one area of the field at a time.


SCHOOL:  I’m not enjoying school as much as I used to.  People are still changing their classes and finding out what they will take.  I’m taking a Cambridge curriculum, but it’s very different from what I am used to.  This is a math and science school so obviously they stress math and science.   I have a physics class and also a class that combines biology and chemistry.  

I’m also taking other classes.  Most of them are in Italian, so I definitely feel a little lost.  They have a tutor to work with us.  She is really nice and helps but I hate how much longer everything is taking me because I am having to translate it from Italian.

Also, I’m used to having a lot more technology in class.  I still have my laptop in my room to study but we don’t get good wifi in the rooms.  A lot of times I am having to go to the library or in the hallway to study.  


Every weekend, I go with a couple of my friends to the local laundromat.  We wash our clothes in machines, but they don’t have regular dryers like we do at home.  Our clothes get wrung out but we have to bring them back to our rooms and hang them up to dry.  

One of my friends had a lot of extra cord for hanging laundry.  He was here last year also, so he knows a lot about how things work.  He helped me set up lines on my window to hang my laundry.

I miss being home with my family and friends but I know I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to train here.  I need to make every moment I am here count towards my development.