Only Attractive Women Need Apply

I was shocked to hear that a supposedly "top" sports agent felt that women playing soccer would do better if they were more attractive.  He told me that the way a player looked calculated into his consideration of whether or not he signed them on.  So much for Title 9

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Shocking Admission by “top” US soccer agent

Seeking Female Soccer Player for Sponsorship Opportunities – Must be HOT!!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Teesta Sullivan.  I am the founder of a website called GoSoccerPro.  This site is being built for the serious player who wants to play professionally.

I have been interviewing players, coaches and scouts to collect information that I can share with my readers.  I was very happy – no, I was ECSTATIC to get a call back from a man I considered a top agent here in the United States.

His firm has a long established reputation handling professional athletes across a variety of sports.  They have multiple offices.  I was told that this agent deals exCLUsively with female soccer players.

I asked him a standard question.  “What do you look for in a potential client?I

Imagine my surprise when his response was “Will they be marketable enough to sell products?”

His answer confused me, so I delved deeper.  “By marketable, do you mean they have established experience with a college or ECNL team?”

“No”, he replied.

I then asked, “Do you mean are they able to play more than one position on the field?”

He again replied no.

I chuckled and asked him to define marketable because to me it was sounding like he only signed attractive female soccer players who could also sell shampoo for their luscious locks and skin cream for their long smooth legs.  I also said how fortunate for Alex Morgan soccer player extraordinaire, that she is attractive as well as extremely talented.

Imagine my horror when he agreed!!!   

Are You Attractive Enough to Sell? 

So basically…  If you are a female soccer player… in the US… it doesn’t matter how WELL you play.  The only thing this agent would be interested in is how attractive you are, and how much merchandise your looks would be able to sell.  

I can’t be the ONLY person who finds this focus on being attractive for an athlete absolutely and utterly ludicrous!!!  Our women are World Champions!!!  

For all the complaints about US Soccer and our men’s teams, there is nothing but accolades to be had for our women’s teams.  US SOCCER Women ROCK!

One would think that agents, especially US agents would want to sign up the very best talent around based on the player’s ability out on the pitch – not based on how they look in a swimsuit.

I do not consider myself a feminist.  I appreciate having a man open a door for me and pull out my chair.  But, I have never been more happy that child of mine who wants to play professionally is male, and not just another girl to be judged by the prettiness of her face.

Please keep in mind that this article is based on a conversation with ONE agent.  It is not necessarily indicative of the mind set shared by all sports agents