About Us

About Us

Our three biggest inspirations and greatest accomplishments.

Let me tell us a little bit about us and why we are building this website.   My husband and I have three children.  They have all played soccer.  Two still do.  One loves it.  The other LIVES for it!  This site was started based on research for my younger son, Jared Sullivan.

Jared juggling - Assisi, Italy.

When I first started this site, my son Jared was fifteen.  He is one of those kids (your child may be like him) who can't walk in a straight line if he has the option to dribble a ball as he goes.  When a ball isn't available, he'll happily make do with whatever is - a water bottle, dog toy, balled up sock...

When Jared was eleven, one of his great Uncles asked him what he wanted to do when he group up.  His response included playing on a La Liga team, playing for West Ham United and representing the United States in the World Cup.

If you know us, you'd know that we believe that there should always be a Plan B and even a Plan C.   We've had that conversation with Jared - numerous times.  

He was not dissuaded.  It is difficult discussion to have with your child when he begins to question your confidence in his ability - especially when you have tried to instill your children with the belief that they can achieve any goal they set as long as they are willing to put in the time and effort to accomplish it.

Despite our discussions, Jared has remained adamant that he wants to play pro soccer.   In his mind, college is a fall-back plan that might need to be considered but only as a back-door entry into the world of professional soccer.  

Jared trained in Italy at the Accademia Insegnare Calcio

We learned about the Accademia Insegnare Calcio  (Italian Soccer School).  The gentleman who runs is is Bruno Redolfi a National Staff coach at the Italian Football Federation FIGC.  He is very well connected throughout the world, and regularly offers trainings in the US and India as well.

Jared training with Bruno in Italy.

Bruno and his staff choose to limit the number of players they accept each year.  The players attend a local boarding school (Convito Nazionale Principe di napoli) with a rigorous curriculum and train with local teams.  

Bruno oversees the boys training and his staff work closely with the boys.  When the boys scrimmage or play games, Bruno is in attendance and gives valuable feedback.  He is a phenomenal coach!  

Jared was accepted into Bruno's program and was one of Bruno's students from 2017-2018.    I have several posts related to Jared's time in Italy, with the AIC.  I invite you to read them.   It is an amazing program and I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding it.

Jared and I in Assisi, Italy.

Last year, we opted to keep Jared at home with us in the states.  All three of our children were in high school and we wanted a year of normalcy for them.  

This year... Jared was fortunate enough to be selected to play at FC Malaga City Academy in Spain.

FC Malaga City Academy

I have started a facebook page for Jared.  I am running it as a journal of his time with FC Malaga City.  On the page, I am sharing some posts that he is sharing with us.  If you visit it, you can see images of where he is staying, training, even what foods they are eating.  His facebook page is Jared M Sullivan.  

I will be writing about FC Malaga City separately.  It is run by a dynamic group of football players and enthusiasts who building a unique structure which offers young footballers the opportunity to play with others from around the world.  This year they plan to play close to 50 matches.  Their opposition will include La Liga Academy teams and Premier League Academy teams.

How to Become a Professional Soccer Player

That question has been the genesis of this website.  We started exploring what options are available to those young men and women who want to play pro soccer.  We wanted to answer questions such as:

  • What should the serious soccer player do to be found?   
  • How can a player leverage social media to his advantage?  
  • What do professional coaches look for in their players?   
  • How did Christian Pulisic train in Germany even though he's playing for the US Soccer National team?
  • What do European coaches look for in players?      

As we continue to search out the answers to these questions, we will post them to share with you.  Please contact us with any specific questions you have.  We will do our best to get them answered.