Q & A with Gustavo Mulet Goldberg, FIFA Agent and Attorney

South American FIFA agent and Attorney Gustavo Mulet Goldberg is a licensed FIFA agent of the Argentine Football Association.  He represents both players and coaches.

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South American FIFA Agent, and Attorney

Gustavo Mulet Goldberg

Gustavo Mulet Goldberg is a licensed FIFA Agent of the Argentine Football Association as well as an Attorney at Law.   Gustavo represents both coaches and football players.

Gustavo’s background includes sports law.  This training and experience allows him to handle a variety of complex football transactions.  He represents both coaches and football players. 

Gustavo’s primary focus has been to work as an agent with Argentinean and Brazilian players; however, his network extends throughout South America.

Gustavo, do you represent men, women or both?

I have only represented men in the past.  I may be getting involved with representing women in the near future.  Women’s soccer is becoming bigger than it was before.

I also can represent coaches and have had coaches as clients before.

Do you help negotiate contracts for players to join teams or work more with endorsements?

I mainly help my clients locate a club that will be a good fit for them.  I work with them in negotiating their contracts and give continued support with legal advice and also basic daily advice.

How do you choose your clients?

I work with my clients as long as I believe they have a lot of football potential.  I also make sure they are nice people.  In the past, I have had clients who have been very complicated and I am not interested in working with those kind of people in the future.  I am here to help my clients.  I need my clients to trust me and trust that I am helping them. 

What items does a potential client need to have ready for you to review before you will consider representing them.

They always need to have a good video and cv to start.  Other items such as a European passport can be a plus.  It can be much harder without this.

Do you have a standard agent fee for your services?  If yes, what is it?

If the club they are joining is based in Argentina, then I usually work on a 10% basis.  If the club is overseas, I will need to travel in order to make sure everything happens.  There is a lot more work involved when it is overseas.  I can do it and I do it but then the charge is 15%.

Side note on FIFA agents

FIFA has not licensed player’s agents since 2001.  Each association is responsible for licensing for its player’s agents.  So if someone tells you they are a player’s agent, make certain that they have a license from their relevant association.