Roma v. Chelsea on 10/31/17 Was aMAzing!!!

It is impossible to sit quietly at an Italian football game.  The enthusiasm of the crowd draws you in and carries you away.  It is a whole other level of fan engagement.  In Italy, soccer is much more a part of the average person's life than it is in the US and that is clearly reflected when you attend a game.

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 Roma v. Chelsea 

Roma v ChelseaRoma v. Chelsea

Hi, it’s Jared again.  This time I have something really exciting to share!

Our coach, Bruno got us tickets to the Roma v. Chelsea game on Halloween.  It was an amazing game!  Roma played incredibly well.  They scored their first goal within the first 30 seconds of the game.

Roma  v Chelsea

You could feel the excitement from everyone around you.  This is the second game I’ve seen in Italy.  It’s the first time I had ever seen Roma or Chelsea play live.  This was nothing I have ever experienced before.  

Bruno had taken me to a Parma v. Perugia game a few weeks ago.  I was surprised at that game at how much more animated the fans seemed than at home.  But that was NOTHING compared to this Roma v. Chelsea game.

Roma v. Chelsea was a EUFA Championship league game.  People afterwards were saying it was a Halloween horror show for the Chelsea fans.   I was in Rome, and in a stadium filled with Italians.  There could not have been a happier crowd.  I also can’t imagine a louder crowd.  People were making an unbelievable amount of noise.  It was like a constant roar that never really went away.

Everyone all around me was singing and cheering.  Most of the people were wearing the team colors.  I cannot describe what the mood was like.  You’d have to be there at a game like to experience it for yourself to really understand.  This was even crazier than any professional football game I’ve seen in the US.

The other way it was different from US football games was that people weren’t pushing or shoving.  They were excited. They were singing and people were dancing and taking pictures.  Roma has a song that they play at their games.  Everyone around me was singing.  (I am having difficulty loading video; as soon as I figure out how to do so I will load a video of the fans singing)

I would have thought that someone would start a fight with as high as all the emotions were, but I didn’t see any fighting.    No one seemed to get upset if they got bumped or because it was crowded.  Everywhere I looked people were just really enjoying themselves and having a great time.