Soccer CV

A Soccer CV is basically a soccer resume.  If you want to play professionally, you will probably have agents and scouts ask you for your Soccer CV (football cv).

Your CV should be fairly straightforward.  It should provide the reader an outline of your history as a player.  

Bear in mind, there are many types of CVs.  I am just providing an example of a format you might choose to use.  You can always google search to find others.  


Place a photograph of your player in the top left corner.  Headshot or 3/4 shot would be good.  Wearing a kit is always nice.  

If you have a logo for their current club, it can make the presentation look neat if you place this to the right side of their photograph at the top of the CV page.

Include their full name and contact information.  This can be a phone number or email address.  If you are seeking a team abroad, include a whatsapp number.  

WhatsApp is a free cross-platform messaging and voice-over-IP service.  It lets its users send text and voice messages free of charge.  It also allows for group chats and video calls and allows you to upload and download photos and other documents.  This is very useful when you are communicating with contacts in other countries because there is no charge for the service.  We have found whatsapp to be very useful as a way to keep in touch.

My personal recommendation would be to NOT put in your players home address.  In the event that your player starts a conversation with a coach or scout, you can always share this information with them at a later date.  There are too many crazy people out there.  It can be difficult to balance sharing enough information so that your player can be found and holding back enough information to keep them safe.

Start with your players current club.

Follow with Objective.  It can be as simple as “My goal is to play professional football.  I am a team player and will do whatever I can to help my team succeed.”

Next, put your player’s personal data.  Include items such as:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Position (If your player plays more than one position, list them.)
  • Predominant foot

Next add a section for your player’s experience.  Starting with his first club, list every club for which they have played and the team and level they were on.

Following this, add a section for awards they may have won

Next, add in their education

And lastly, add references.  Your players soccer cv should include these, but again you don’t have to share all the information, you can put that references are available on request.