Summer Transfer Window 2022

Summer transfer window 2022 is in full swing.

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The summer transfer window 2022 in football is in full session. Premier League clubs transfers opened on June 10th and will close on September 1, 2022. Other European leagues follow the same time table. Other national associations can transfer players once the FIFA Transfer Matching System (TMS) is active. The TMS is a system that FIFA created. It allows for online matching of players for purposes of transfers.

There are always moves between clubs that come as a shock. Sometimes these occur on the deadline day.

How many transfer windows are there?

There are two transfer windows over the course of a season.

The first transfer window begins during the off-season and can be up to 12 weeks long. The second window is a lot shorter at a maximum of one month. It occurs during the middle of a season.

However, not all transfer windows are open at the same time. This is decided by the national football authorities that oversee the division. They decide the league’s season cycle and when the windows open and close. Some teams are in favor of abolishing the mid-season window. There are many reasons to keep it.

In the case of the Premier League, the January transfer window can help the newly-promoted teams call in reinforcements when often they’re trying to avoid the drop. It also helps teams who may have lost a player to injury, and need to sign a short-term replacement.

The Summer Transfer Window 2022

The 2022 summer transfer window for the Premier League runs through September 1st, closing at 11pm.

This means that teams will have played a few games of the 2022-23 campaign before deciding if they need to sign alternative players, or back-up for any injured players. The rich clubs will normally have already made contact with their targets’ agents. They have already begun to organize what the player wants from their contract. All that would be left is negotiations with the players’ club.

Players who want to transfer or who have contracts that will be expiring usually notify their agents. Some players just give the name of the club they wish to join. If they haven’t got any offers on the table then their agent will contact clubs to see who’s interested. They work together to identify clubs that may be a good fit for a move.

What powers do players have during a window?

A player’s power during a transfer window is dependent on a number of different variables. They can use these for bargaining power.

  • These can include such things as:
    • player’s popularity with the fans
    • the relationship of a player with the Owner
    • the level of trust between the coaching staff
    • a player’s popularity among his teammates
    • how the player has been treated by the club
    • how the player has performed while with the club.

Players who are desperate to be sold have to be careful before making any demands. They need to be aware of their reputation. Players do not want to make themselves less desirable. Regardless of ability, clubs take player reputations into consideration when making transfer decisions.

Players are not always happy with a move. They may wish to join another club.

FIFA states that any one player can be registered to a total of three clubs during a season. The caveat is they may only appear in official matches for two.

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