UEFA Championship League

UEFA is the Union of European Football Association UEFA Championship League

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EUFA Championship League

The Union of European Football Association (UEFA) is the governing body for football (soccer) in Europe and parts of Asia.  In total, it is responsible for overseeing fifty five separate national groups.

UEFA hosts several national and club level events such as the UEFA European Championship,  UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Nations League and the UEFA Super Cup.

In the 2006-2007 season, UEFA competitions introduced the Homegrown Player Rule.  This rule took effect in the 2008-2009 season.

Clubs must select a minimum of eight players trained by clubs in the same national system. Additionally, four of the players HAVE to be members of the club’s own youth player system.  There was a cap of seventeen foreigners for any club playing in the UEFA competitions.

Athletes do not have to be a citizen of the country they represent. They only need to have trained with a club from that country. They need to have been training in the country for at least three years.

EUFA Championship

The most well-known of the UEFA tournaments is the EUFA Championship.

Prior to the double round-robin start to the Champions League, there are two routes for teams to qualify for the tournament by having finished 2nd – 4th in their national championship games.

The tournament itself consists of 32 teams split into eight groups made up of four teams each.  There is a rule against teams from the same country playing against each other in the initial round.  The teams play in a round-robin tournament. 

In the second group of games, the winners from one group are set against the runner-ups from the other group.  The same rule is in place that players from the same country can’t go against each other in this round. 

Teams can play against each other, regardless of what country they represent once the quarter-finals begin.

The tournament extends for several months. The initial games begin in September. The final games are scheduled in May.

Chelsea won the Championship league in 2021.  This was their second win.  The UEFA final tournament will be in May 2022. It will be held in the Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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