What are Soccer Selling Clubs?

Selling clubs are known for investing millions of euros into players from all around the world.  Their academies are designed to develop players and then sell them at high prices to other teams.

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Soccer Selling Clubs can Make Millions of Euros

People around the world consider Europe to be the home to football.  Soccer, or football as it is known in Europe, is serious business involving some serious cash.  Soccer selling clubs regularly invest millions of euros in players from around the world.

Some academies are designed to develop players.  Their goal is to find young footballers with talent and to develop them enough to sell to larger clubs.  These clubs are known as reselling clubs.

Other clubs may find themselves in a position where a rival club gives than an offer that they feel they have to accept.  This doesn’t hurt the selling club. The receive a transfer fee.  This gives them money to reinvest into their own program.

Star players are always be attractive to other clubs.  The purchasing club  can offer him player more money and benefits.   Contracts are set for established periods of time..  It benefits a club to sell a player and get a profit instead of risking the wait for the contract to expire to see if the player wants to remain with them. Players who move after their contracts expire, leave their old club with nothing.

Buy-Back Clauses

Some clubs also incorporate buy-back clauses into their contracts.  These are primarily meant to give a selling club the option of repurchasing a talented player, from the buying club, for a pre-set price should the player begin to excel after the sale.

Soccer ball, stack of money, soccer cleats on green grass turf field

Buyback clauses help the soccer selling club because they are being given money for a player who may show talent, but not be good enough to start.  This allows them the potential to purchase the player back should he begin to shine or perform better than their roster.

These also help the player because it often affords them an opportunity to play and showcase their skills.  If repurchased, they will often receive an increase in their own salary when returning.

I read an interesting article on Givemesport, you can find it here.  They perused transfermarkt data to identify clubs that have collected the most money from transferring their players over the last ten years.  These soccer selling clubs had made millions of Euros on their players.

Reselling Clubs

These are as follows:

  • 10:  Liverpool with £691.47m
  • 9:  Porto with £717.03m
  • 8.  Real Madrid with £731.21m (Cristiano Ronaldo anyone?)
  • 7. Roma with £745.34m
  • 6. Barcelona with £748.89m (£200 million from Neymar alone)
  • 5.  Juventus with £806.72m
  • 4.  Chelsea with £820.24m
  • 3.  Atletico Madrid with £878.4m
  • 2.  Monaco with £894.1m (Mbappe’s transfer was worth £165m)
  • 1.  Benfica with £909.9m

The article from which this information was drawn can be found here.

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