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Statumentis is a mental performance improvement site. The company works with elite athletes, teams, coaches, military personnel and top business professionals. Statumentis helps these groups learn how to optimize behavior by identifying how to process their experiences.

Mental Training is Important

The mental aspects of training are often overlooked in organizations.  This is partially because many groups don’t recognize the importance.  Athletes commonly use terms such as grit, being resilient, and having mental toughness but they don’t always know how to train someone for this.  For many years, there was a belief that you could not train an athlete how to improve their mental performance.  They were either born with this or they weren’t.

In today’s world, there are thousands of talented players competing for the same position.  At the very top levels, a player’s skills may be on line with each other. Mental acuity and toughness may be what separates them.  Clubs want players who can power through and not only experience tough competition but thrive in those situations.  Players need to have the ability to not only think and respond but adapt to the circumstances on the field at any given time and adapt their play accordingly.

We need to start thinking of mental toughness the same way we think of our muscles.  If we don’t use them, they will atrophy.  If you don’t practice skills, you can lose them.  BUT… if you PRACTICE those skills, they will improve.  It is the same way with mental fitness.

Before a player can change the way they react to a stressful situation, they need to recognize how they currently respond to stress. Having an understanding of what they “do” in response to being under pressure lets them know what needs to be changed. It allows one to better manage their responses to their surroundings. With this premise in mind, the group of psychologists at Statumentis have specifically designed a questionnaire to measure the following:

  • Mental Toughness
  • Grit
  • Learning Styles
  • Stress & Coping Style
  • Personality Traits
  • Attention to Direction
  • Fear of Failure

Statumentis Mental Performance Assessment

The Statumentis Mental Performance assessment is administered online. It contains around 80 questions. They are primarily multiple choice.

Top psychologists have designed these questions. They followed the most up to date research techniques to create the assessment.

Once the test is complete, a psychologist on staff reviews the responses. A psychologist manually reviews each question and answer. They create an individualized report based on the client’s specific answers. The report outlines what the individual’s strengths and weaknesses are. This can be of tremendous benefit as a way to identify areas you wish to change in a player’s mindset.

Statumentis also offers two additional upgrades. One gives you a breakdown of how to make positive changes. Another gives you an opportunity to meet with one of the psychologists on staff for a 30 minute video sessions. During this time, you can personally discuss a player’s results and how they can make changes.

My husband had worked with the Miami Dolphins years ago. He has often talked about how they had psychological testing. Researchers identified traits that were consistently found in top athletes. We had discussed the value of such a tool for young athletes. Over the years we have periodically looked to see if there was a comprehensive test that we felt would meet this need.

I was thrilled when we discovered Statumentis. We decided to administer it to our son, Jared. He was nineteen at the time and had just finished playing with a Division de Honor Juvenil team in Spain.


Our son, Jared took the test

I was curious to see what he thought of the testing process. I also wanted to know how accurate it seemed to be. Jared found it to be fairly straightforward. He did feel a couple questions were tricky because he was pulled by more than one response. The test is designed in such a way that the test-taker is forced to make decisions between close choices. In some instances, the test-taker has to select the best choice out of more than one that may be applicable.

There is no wrong or right in this screening. It is really about getting a better idea about a person, how they think and how they process.

We were impressed when we received Jared’s report. It was quite detailed. Jared agreed with the findings. My husband and I also felt that the reviewer accurately identified the way Jared functions and processes events. For instance, the results suggested that Jared is a perfectionist. It stated that he can be hard on himself when he does not feel he is playing his best. We knew this. We were happy to see actual suggestions for him. These suggestions included how he can work on not being so hard on himself, while still striving to to do his best.

If you would like to learn how you can benefit from testing by Statumentis, click here. They have separate modules for male and female players, and the assessments are conducted with the gender of the player in mind.

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